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Learn Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata & Belly Dancing from Salsa India, the biggest and the oldest social dancing network in India which is thriving to become the industry's top Social Dancing School in India.

We are providing the possibility of excelling at Salsa, Kizomba & Bachata, Belly Dancing to become a Students by learning with the world’s top artists in the field and following the course curated by the Salsa sensation and Founder Director of Salsa India, Kaytee Namgyal.

Salsa India hosts latin nights at Summerhouse café each Sunday to allow its students to practice the various new combinations of leading and following taught in class

There are 4 Different levels:

1) Beginner

2) Intermediate

3) Advanced

4) Master

NOTE: The levels cannot be skipped.

The motive is to standardise the teaching methodologies to achieving quality control and maintaining continuous, constant and uniform growth all over.

All members receive goodies and Membership card from Salsa India which as an added benefit provides with various discounts and entry coupons at mentioned cafes and events.