Corporate Workshops

Salsa India’s Group Workshops

We often come across people who do not know much about Salsa but are keen to explore its flavor before deciding whether to learn the dance as a regular student. We also often come across corporate honchos who are looking for some fresh and exciting activity for their employees and / or at corporate offsites and events.

A perfect way to add some fun and pizzazz to a corporate event is to hold one or more Salsa workshops. Salsa is a great way to unwind and have a good time, while getting to know your colleagues better, while maintaining respect and learning about partner-work and team-play. Salsa India doesn’t just teach dance, we ensure that your employees enjoy themselves and forget their inhibitions, thus enhancing the interaction and relationships amongst them.

Salsa India can customize any workshops or series of workshops to suit your needs. The workshops could range from teaching the basics of Salsa and simple patterns to choreographing a special performance for specific teams at corporate events.

For Corporate workshops and Events please get in touch with us directly.