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Name: Kaytee Namgyal
Founder / Artistic Director
Kaytee is the heart and soul of Salsa India and is a perfectionist, laying great emphasis on technique and also on attitude and interpretation of the music. He calls his unique style ‘Karma-Salsa’. Why? Because ‘Karma’ is Kaytee’s real name. Karma-Salsa as Kaytee likes to say, focuses on musicality, body movement and dancing through one’s body, mind and soul, in a dancer’s interpretation and representation of the instruments being played and feel of the music. As each dancer has his or her own personality, so is Karma-Salsa synonymous with Kaytee’s panache and energetic yet fluid style.

Name: Yavit Singh
Director / Senior Instructor
Specialty: salsa ,mambo , bachata , cha cha , casino rueda

Name: Sooraj Sundararajan
Assistant Director/ Senior Instructor
Speciality: Salsa, Mambo,  Bachata, Cha cha, Casino Rueda

Started his first steps into salsa in 2003 after seeing people dancing salsa in a night club and then never looked back. Initially trained at Salsa India – Delhi under salsa guru Kaytee Namgyal, Sooraj continued learning from the best in the world through his work travels most notably
– Eddie Torress, New York
– Frankie Martinez, New York
– Super Mario, London
– Ataca and La Alemana , New Jersey
– Salsa Yuca, Miami

Name: Sagar Hasija
Official Photographer
Speciality: salsa , bachata