About Salsa India – The Dance Studio

Salsa India was established in April 2001, by ‘Salsa guru’ Kaytee Namgyal and is today the biggest Salsa school in India, with several studios currently running in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata. Salsa India has seen more than 5000 enthusiastic students meet, greet and fall in love with Salsa, several of whom, after having learnt from Kaytee, have taken up Salsa as their profession.

Kaytee is the heart and soul of Salsa India and is a perfectionist, laying great emphasis on technique and also on attitude and interpretation of the music. He calls his unique style ‘Karma-Salsa’. Why? Because ‘Karma’ is Kaytee’s real name. Karma-Salsa as Kaytee likes to say, focuses on musicality, body movement and dancing through one’s body, mind and soul, in a dancer’s interpretation and representation of the instruments being played and feel of the music. As each dancer has his or her own personality, so is Karma-Salsa synonymous with Kaytee’s panache and energetic yet fluid style.

Kaytee has studied with some of the best teachers in the world – Eddie Torres, Frankie Martinez, Edie-The Salsa Freak, Super Mario, Al Liquid Silver Espinoza, Luis Vasquez etc. He has had the opportunity to learn the Cuban, New York and L.A. styles of salsa and see different styles of salsa which he likes to merge in his way of Dancing. He has taught as an instructor in several Salsa Festivals and Countries across the World, including Berlin, China, Denver, Colorado, USA, Dubai, Greece, Australia, Prague, Qatar, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc. Kaytee was also a Judge at the China Open Salsa Championship and the Asian Salsa Championship.

Kaytee’s missionary zeal to convert everyone to ‘Salseros’ and to spread Salsa across India, has had amazing results. Salsa India has helped to popularize Salsa through a number of classes and workshops in other Indian cities like Goa, Punjab, Bangalore, Sikkim, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkota, Pune and Indore and has also reached enthusiasts outside India in US, China, Nepal, Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuwait and Thailand and many more.
Salsa is now flourishing in India, as it has around the World. Kaytee is now planning to expand Salsa India’s repertoire to incorporate multiple dance forms and cultures that complement Salsa and the ‘Salsero’s’ passion and commitment.

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